Today, telephones come in different types. Modern technology made easy way of connecting peoples. Imagine how life was when talking through a line that did not exist yet. A day when people connect with each other with letters and telegram.

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The following are the different types of telephone:

Landline telephones
Cordless telephones
Mobile telephones
Decorative telephones

Landline telephones

use the transmission of signals through a connection. Fiber optics and wires are the media for this type wherein a link between a transmitter to a receiver is established.

It is the most cheapest way of communicating.
It is highly reliable.
Today, landline handsets come with different special features such as
caller id’s
hands-free sets
answering machines.
Landline telephones introduce more features to survive in markets and maintain tradition.

Cordless telephone 

Uses a connection from a landline telephone. This type allows the convenience of talking through a line without staying on the same spot all throughout the conversation. However, this would only be possible within a small coverage. 
These are also referred to as portable telephones. It transmits signals within a limited range of the handset it gets its connection from. We can not away from the handset. Modern technology made it possible to increase the range to a farther distance.

Mobile phones 

Known as cellular phones made a great revolution in communication. Digital advancement in signal transmission made a good quality reception like the enhanced sound quality and larger data storage. Many mobile phone companies made a reliable phone including android and landline for their clients. Today, mobile phones are found everywhere. 
Nowadays we can take photos and connect with friends through messaging, social media to use our phones. We are also using internet on cell phones the same as computers and got rid of sitting on table with computers.
This is considered the most convenient because:

Portable (the size could fit  your pocket)
Makes communication possible everywhere
It offers great features that one may enjoy.
If you go for creativity, you might want to consider having 

Decorative telephones

These enhance the place and are ornamental and unique.  Stylish as they are, many young and trendy people love having this type of telephones. Now everyone have a choice to choose phones that suitable for his/her personality. There are different types of phones in the market.

Antique phones
Animal designs
Porcelain handsets
Wall phones
Disney handsets
Sports designs

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