SD and SDHC Cards


If you have a new SLR camera, then purchasing a memory card is probably the first item that you will need to buy. Buying a card may seem like a very easy task but one you begin to research on them, your perception might change. A lot of options are available and the price range is normally. With this wide range, there are so many things involved in getting a memory card for your camera. 

With some research on the technology involved in this product, you are sure that you have the right memory card for your camera and that you are not wasting money on something that is useless.

SD Cards

Perhaps the most popular kind of memory card that is used for cameras nowadays is the SD or Secure Digital card. This type of card is especially designed for hardware like digital cameras, cellular phones, video cameras, and PDA devices. There are also TVs and computers that are built with SD drives. 

Generally, there are three sizes of SD cards: the one which is similar to the postage stamp in size, the mini SD which is the smaller one and the smallest out of all three, the Micro SD which is the ones used for cell phones and other small equipment.

The SD card is compatible with almost all DSLR cameras and the regular point and shoots ones. It is available in different sizes and it was first made in the year 1999. These kinds of memory cards can be bought in very cheap prices. 

The recently designed cards that have a bigger capacity and faster transfer rates and data writing speed are also growing in popularity. Even though these memory cards come for as low as $4, it is advisable to get one that is medium-priced so that you will get your money’s worth.

SDHC Cards

The next generation SD card is the SDHC or Secure Digital High Capacity memory card. This SHDC card is usually the same size and shape with an SD card but it boasts of more storage capacity and higher transfer rate. Many of the cameras that are manufactured today are compatible with SDHC cards. 

Most of the hardware is also compatible with SD cards. You may purchase an SDHC memory card that can store 2GB to 32GB of data and the SDHC cards that are sold today may be bought for about $7. Before actually making a purchase, it is important to think about the type and size of storage that you need, or will be needing. 

It will not hurt you to buy more than what you really need and with the cost; buying more may not be a bad idea. A memory card with 16GB usually costs around $35 (Cost changing every year) while a memory card with 8GB memory may be around $20. 

If you like to keep your pictures for awhile because you are too busy to upload them or you like taking videos, then you might need a higher capacity memory card. Another important thing that one should consider in buying a memory card is the rate of transfer or the speed of the card.

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