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Android and Apple are currently two of the most powerful sides of the same mobile-interface coin in today’s smart phone world. Android prides itself in its sandbox-like operating system and has thus been lauded by hackers and software developers alike while Apple keeps it sleek and simple which has made its OS relatively free from errors but makes developers fork over cash to get their hands on their dev tools.


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Most will ask, which one is better, Google’s Android or Apple’s and of all interfaces, what makes their important?

Freedom vs. Safety

If you list down features of both the iPhone and Android phones, you’ll find that they follow strictly different routes in terms of how you use them. This is essentially like comparing PC computers with that of Macintosh computers.

Computers run through electricity might get their power from solar energy. This technology is achievable by the use of solar panels being set up in open areas where direct heat from the sun is being gathered.

As a discovery, Cell phones with such interfaces already have the ability to turn on and off your home lights without the use of light switches. Cars have been improved as well. Installing improved technology to it using these interfaces; electric and hydrogen cars for example.


Google, when it brought Android Inc., back in 2005 created a special alliance of software and hardware developers under the banner of the Handset Alliance. Since the device’s operating system is based on Linux, it allows for some interesting customization if you’re familiar with the system or like to dabble in programming. 

The development kit needed to play around with the OS is up for grabs so long as developers and would-be programmers follow the Apache license under its open-source rule.

Although Google’s Android prides itself in having to custom rev your software with a handful of settings to optimize its performance, it nonetheless still caters to users who have straightforward uses for such phones. 

Multi-tasking, even for people who have a relatively simple notion of Android’s programming can understand that advantage. Although apple supports switching from one program to another, Android’s multitasking feature makes the most of its already high-powered hardware to use.

The great thing about Android as an operating system for phones is that it’s not restricted to a single line of model phones, so long as your phone has Android support, you can pretty much get it in there and/or update it.


Unlike android phones, the iOS is only exclusive to Apple’s iPhone and iPad. Almost everybody has already heard about Apple’s policy of sticking to its own products and using only software for its own hardware. 

Tried and tested hardware and software are perhaps this company’s suited claims that made them a popular brand.

The iPhone is perhaps a simple yet powerful enough Smartphone that even the least experienced can handle without treating it like a puzzle. 

It’s sturdy programming and strong design gives it that considerable hard-edge against Android phones. If don’t mind expected limitations to your phone or the fact that it doesn’t support Flash, then this toned-down phone is sure to please. 

It has fail safes that make it a great phone, provided of course that you don’t cringe at the price tag.

Gesturing or forming patterns using hand swipes is perhaps one of the many features that will get most users’ attention. Its ability to manipulate media using its delicate touch screen interface is sure to keep new and old users alike busy for hours.

Jail-breaking, if you’ve already heard how it works, lifts some limitations brought about by the company both software and hardware-wise. Although the one of  iPhone sports a 1 GHz processor, only 800 MHz is used by the iPhone so as to prolong the system’s overall performance as well as longevity. 

Some customization-savvy users of Apple may not be pleased with the current configurations, which make jailbreak the device in order to fine-tune the iPhone’s features. Although Apple has already taken a stand that Jail-breaking is not illegal, it does void your warranty.

Business and Pleasure

Although both sides of the mobile operating system, can be used as a laptop’s interface, are trying to woo the Smartphone market, it solely depends on where you stand: you’re either buying a phone to play on it or to use it for more practical reasons. Both Android and Apples are neck and neck when it comes to sales of applications from their online stores.

Since touch-based games on both platforms have earned them places alongside Nintendo’s N3DS and Play station's upcoming upgrade, the Play station Vita, they’ll soon face off to try and woo the gaming community. 

Discovering GPS as well is one factor as well as knowing the different phone features. They’re on their way into becoming not just a mere Smartphone feud for customers, but also as legitimate gaming rivals akin to Nintendo and Play station's console war.

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