Today there is much concern for the state of the environment as many believe we are almost at a tipping point of unleashing global ecological disaster. Because of this a lot of effort is directed towards the advancement of technologies that retain our way of living but are much friendlier to the environment. 

This is clearly evident in the automobile industry since cars are some of the top contributors to global pollution. This paved the way for experimenting on alternative fuel sources for cars other than relying on fossil fuels. The conception, in turn, gave birth to vehicles powered by hydrogen fuel. Today these types of vehicles are more on the experimental phase since the majority of cars are still running on gas.

This is because its efficiency is still not as feasible to transform the entire automobile market industry. As a temporary solution, many manufacturers are producing Hybrid Cars that run on alternate power sources to save up to the consumption of regular fuel. The best thing for us is to better understand the workings of hydrogen fuels in order to asses fairly if it’s really up to its promise in producing efficient and clean fuel source.

Misconceptions about Hydrogen

The most common misconception about hydrogen gas is it is the primary energy source. The truth is hydrogen fuel cells are merely receptors or converted form of other energy such as electrical energy. It merely acts as a way to transport energy efficiently from other sources. This means it gets its energy wherever we get our electric energy and it could inadvertently get its fuel source from fossil fuel-powered plants. 

This would be ironic as its meant to replace those. It is, however, a fact that once clean and sustainable power is produced in our power plants, hydrogen cells can very well replace fossil fuels at that point and with much more to offer.

Advantages of Hydrogen Cars


The best thing about this form of fuel transmission is its lack of harmful emissions. A car powered by this technology would only emit water vapor which definitely would not hurt the environment.


The storage capacity for Hydrogen cells is huge and it can store more than twice the amount of energy as compared to gas tanks no matter what the capacity.


Energy Source

Since most of our current energy source relies on fossil fuel, Hydrogen Cars rely on them too since it gets its energy from household electricity powered by power plants which would very well be running on oil. This means if we cannot find an alternative and cleaner source of energy, the promise of Hydrogen Cars would only go to waste.


Incorporating this fuel transmission to cars is quite imperfect and the efficiency of these cars is still questionable. The first problem is the high cost of production and maintenance which is a great hindrance for buyers. Another problem is the components themselves are still more on the experimental stage thus lacking the assurance of stability.

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